Venice – Italy

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City on stilettos

The most romantic city in the world’ as they advertise it, is built on tree trucks. 80% of this “The Floating City – as it’s known – drifts on wood stumps just so that I could strut my awesome stuff here. Louis Vuitton (I pronounce the “S” in Louis as a tribute to Alan from Hangover) has nothing on me baby – No. Seriously. He’s got nothing on me, literally, cause as a pair of designer shoes go for €1500 here. That’s more than N$20K!!!

This beautiful collection of islands, separated with canals and linked by bridges is home to must-sees like Piazza San Marco, Saint Mark’s Basilica, Doge’s Palace, San Giorgio Maggiore and of course the undeniable icon of Venice – the men in blue and white stripped shirts charming the ladies with their singing on their gondolas. Except ours as he says (also the only thing he said) was that his singing would insult the sun and cause the clouds to cry.

Apart from the numerous camera trigger happy tourists (look at me, as if I wasn’t part of this click) it was a great experience to witness the amazing architecture, untouchable woman, designer branded gentlemen and questionable pastas. Or I think it was just that dodgy place we went to, which I should have known by indication when our tour guide dropped us off there like a bunch of school kids at a day-care centre and made a run for it – probably to thee place to go.

Venice – The City of Water, a destination worthy of your bucket list. Grazie!



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