To Mäxle!!!!

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This was a game introduced to me by the students of Heidelberg – I’ll forever be grateful. It’s a great method to brush up on your lie detector skills if you can hold your drink.

Quick crash course to Mäxle – After shaking 2 dices in a cup you look at your numbers in privacy, telling the person to your left, the numbers starting with the highest number first. Eg: If you had a 6 and 2 you would say 62. Then it’s up to that person to believe you or call your bluff. If they believe you then they continue the game, but now needs to produce a number higher than 62 where the highest of random numbers is 66 and can only be beaten with pairs (two one’s etc). If the person doesn’t believe you they lift the cup to reveal the number and if it was true then they have to drink and if they called your bluff, then you have to drink and so the game begins again. If a person rolls the dice on a 2 and 1 it’s called Mäxle and everybody must drink except the roller. Let’s play.


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