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When the CEO of Team Namibia, calls you up to serve your country, what else can you say than “It would be my honor Madam CEO.“

To this end Team Namibia launched their exciting ‘Retail Merchandising Campaign’ today, 9 December 2014. Industry creatives were invited to design a shopping bag that would encourage Namibian to purchase local products and at the same time carry the pride of Namibia in doing so.

I knew that with my designer’s (Shawn van Eeden) good looks, and my brain fart of an idea we might just have a shot at this thing. Our strategy came from a series of thoughts, but is best encapsulated in one question; ‘What makes us ALL Namibian?’ Namibia, with her 2.2 million inhabitants and home to 11 indigenous cultures, each to their own history and mother tongue required a very simple yet effective idea.

Research has shown that Namibians want to support the local economy (emotional), but needs the product/service to deliver like the brands they are accustomed to (rational).Our solution was the National Anthem. These liberating words, written by Axali Doëseb, is the common denominator across all cultures and ethic groups that makes us are ALL Namibian.

Three of our five designs were chosen, namely; ‘Namibia Land of the Brave, We give our loyalty and Motherland we love thee’. Below is also the original design we submitted before the creative bubble was burst. Me thinks the colorful pattern design continuing on the straps and edge consolidated the design quite nicely but you win some, you loose some and it all worked out well in the end.





  1. WOW!! Such beautiful bags!! Love the idea! Well done guys 🙂

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