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“When I think of my wife, I always think of her head. I picture cracking her lovely skull…”

Now with an opening line like that you’re curious to find out if that statement is warranted. Gone Girl is one of those movies that just reinforces why I have trust issues – but I’m working on that.

Director David Fincher is such a master of intrigue and has previously kept my attention like a desperate housewife staring at the TV screen saying stuff like: “Ohhhh NOOOOO he didn’t” and “What’s in the booooxxxxx?” Remember that one? Another classic line from the movie ‘Seven’ also directed by Fincher. Don’t even get me started with ‘What’s the first rule of Fight Club?’  The man is a visual motion artist people! The movie was based on the book written by Gillian Flynn who also made her debut as screenplay writer for the movie. After I saw the movie I was encouraged to buy the book, but it’s been a slow process as Flynn pushes the descriptive writing too far, but obviously kudos to her for an amazing storyline. Another thumbs up goes to Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross for their award nominating music score. No wonder it scooped $24.6 million in its opening week.

The plot is a cruel love story of two writers, Nick Dunn (Ben Affleck) Amy Elliot Dunn (Rosamund Pike) and who fall inlove after Nick sweeps her off her feet with his witty, charismatic pitch basically convincing her that all the other guys in the room are losers. They end the night with a romantic kiss in a sugar storm that leads to yet another smooth marriage proposal. What can I say – Nick’s got game and Amy is the arena. Amy is world-famous after her parents plagiarized her life in a book series called ‘Amazing Amy’ and so life has always been a bitter-sweet sensation for Amy. One morning Nick comes home to find his wife missing under unusual circumstances. The girl is gone.

Fincher and Flynn did an amazing job to allow the audience to fall inlove with these two. What can I say, they’re cute and at some point I even went ‘awww’. (Yeah I said it). But as all relationships go, the magic begins to fade and then we break up – like normal people. But no – not Amazing Amy. She did not sign up for mediocre. She wants the excellence that she’s been accustomed to and so decides to do something about it.

I found it so intriguing that Fincher uses just the right amount of visual nuances to either like or cause doubt on the characters. First you love them and then you hate them. At some point you’re not sure who’s the victim in the story and it just captivates you to find out what happened to the gone girl. Which brings me to our next character – the media. These blood-sucking piranhas are just out for the story (whatever that may be) and I remain amazed to see their power of perception to the public.

I also appreciated how Amy later explains how she planned and executed her masterplan. Hearing her side of it was interesting and somewhat understandable – without the part where she frames Nick for her ‘murder’ well knowing the State of Missouri has the death penalty. In a very sick way I found myself in awe looking at ‘Amazing Amy’ play everyone like a fiddle. She was a sociopath at work that made me feel like I was in the presence of mastery and yet at the same time I feared for my life.

Early this year Gone Girl Grossed a worldwide total of $356,837,000 against a budget of $61 million. Gone Girl has already won various awards and was had four nominations at the The Golden Globes, but unfortunately didn’t win.

Favorite quote: Nick: “Look you’re delusional. You’re insane. Why would you even want this? Yes, I loved you. And then all we did was resent each other, and try to control each other and cause each other pain.

Amy: That’s marriage.”

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  1. Watched it and was rooted to my sofa! Just wish I could see her pay dearly for her deeds.

  2. Gone girl is a great movie that opening line really caught my attention like ” ohhh this is gonna be good”. The way he got her attention was so adorable and the way they just clicked I thought to myself that’s the way relationships should be( my mistake).

    After marriage and what Amy told us about Nick I thought to myself “He is such a dick”, Amy really messed with my head too. After realizing that’s how she rolls making everyone believe what she wanted them to, she really is Amazing Amy I admire her crazy talent of being in control of the situation no matter what even to the point where she kills and gets away with it all for the love she feels for Nick and he had no choice but to love her back after everything that happened lol. Honestly she was just being the woman he wanted in the first place (she really gave me some tips after all lol).

    Oh and her reply on “That’s marriage” so straight forward its what he signed up for so deal with it…

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