Heidelberg, Germany

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First day in Heidelberg, okay. Let’s go see what this place can do. We found ourselves in this small student rock shop filled with misty tabacco clouds where I was introduced to a popular drinking game called Mäxle. A weird combination of consuming alcohol while putting your trust issues to the test – a game that I mastered by the end of the night. Details of the game to follow soon.

It all started out quite innocent when we asked to share a table with two girls, but I’ll fast forward to the part where my new found Mäxle buddies (all psychology students by the way) and I closed the bar thanks to Mäxle. TO MÄXLE!!!

My newfound German friends insisted that the party must go on and invited us to another spot called ‘The Cave’. Here the German’s didn’t mix their words as this was really an underground cave – made me feel like I was in a bunker hiding from the Gestapo, but not in a fearful way as the disco lights, loud music and the locals questionable dance moves made me feel quite welcome as we shared more beer while having difficulty using our indoor voices.

After some much needed energy supplements (obviously more Weizen beer) we attempted to conquer the Castle of Heidelberg the next day, but required a 326 steps of physical labour in exchange of a beautiful sunset over the city. Absolutely magnificent. This old architecture covered in greens is a real attraction. Later I discovered that this historic location is used for concerts/festivals where the music is synced with lights projected on the castle and they top it off with an amazing display of fireworks. What a great experience this was.

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