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This topic has been heavy on my heart and I’ve finally decided to break my silence regarding this unfair social segregation inflicted upon me. After several encounters at various institutions I have recently felt the need – nay felt the conviction – to start a similar movement to ‘Fight Club’ where us mortal minions and revolting plebs rise against the social injustice that reminds us that we are indeed…poor!

Oh please don’t remove the word ‘poor’ out of context as I’m simply expressing my road rage with my financial lane. You see, the way my bank account is set up, it doesn’t allow me to enjoy the finer things in life, and even me, I like nice things! So here’s my problem, next time you go to these following institutions depending on the color of your card – you’ll know what mean.

Like when you go to the bank and you notice that meandering que that stretches beyond the door as you notice an ‘elite’ walks past you with a disappointing shake of the head and a grumbling noise that sounded awfully similar to ‘shem’ as he walks past the sign that says ‘Exclusive Banking’. ‘Mxim….man whatever’

Or like when you go to the airport and there’s a sign that says ‘First Class’ and has those connecting poles with those golden thingies and a red carpet and everything. So you just standing there with your ‘Mxim’ look on your face, trying to brush it off slurping your tongue and thinking yah…whatever. Then you move two inches ahead and the guy behind you closes that gap so quick and tight that you can smell that Oshikandela flavour through your ears – another frequent experience us ‘commoners’ have to endure when visiting the mandatory national institutions. Then we eventually make it through the vigorous man-handling at the security checkpoint – now due to my current situation I am unable to comment on whether ‘thee nobles’ also get the frisky treatment with the officers of the law – but something tells me….nah! Once I’m on the other side I’m quickly reminded of my social status when the nice friendly looking lady points me to the masses while the ‘Lounge’ sign is clearly pointing the other way.

I’m further humiliated when the now-not-so-nice lady announces we’re boarding. Full of excitement I enthusiastically jump up and move to the control point just to be put back in my place with a hand gesture that indicates’ WAIT!’  as the ‘royals’ come around the corner – always in slow-mo or is that just me? Once that protocol is done you see us peasants scrambling to get in line and once again there’s always that citizen who can’t wait to be brushed up against you. As we continue and approach the entrance of the plane the other nice lady asks you ‘ticket please’ and you hand it over to her. She looks at it, looks back at you, back at the card and you can just see whats she’s thinking…’Mxim…shem’. She now quickly composes herself with that smile and says “L23, way down the corridor, you’re seats on your left” Now everybody knows as you do that walk of ‘shem’ all the way down to seat L23, but not before walking past the ‘First-Class’ who’s too busy sipping on their champagne to even look at you. Now just when you thought that was so humiliating, the now not-so-nice lady draws the curtain of segregation, but not before she shakes her head in disappointment and says…’Mxim…shem’.

But it’s all good, cause all this does is motivate me, inspires me, drives me to work harder cause w’all know that as soon as the color of my bank card changes I’m gonna shake my head and nevermind…w’all know what I’m thinking.

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  1. My Dear,

    I had a humiliating experience with the color of my card as well. Was at the dentist and had to pay. As soon as I gave the lady my credit card she looked at it with a funny face (It was the first time in her life she saw something like that) and she said “oh you get them in this color too?” For a moment there it was complete silence as everyone there wanted to see what she was talking about. I smiled politely as my mom told me, if you have nothing nice to say rather shut-up. If she only knew what rage filled my whole being. Luckily for her I also quickly realized all eyes was on me. My heart sank.

    Need i express the emotions that continues to fill my soul every time i think of that day? No! I will let your imagination run wild.

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