Fix it Jesus!!!!

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This topic has been heavy on my heart and I’ve finally decided to break my silence regarding this unfair social segregation inflicted upon me. After several…

Want to know how to kill people? 

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Take the December festive season buffet, add loads of lemon chilli zinga wings (or as I like to call them – ‘eat some more’), multiply that with…


In Movie review

“When I think of my wife, I always think of her head. I picture cracking her lovely skull…”

Team Namibia

In Work

When the CEO of Team Namibia, calls you up to serve your country, what else can you say than “It would be my honor Madam…

To Mäxle!!!!

In Travel

This was a game introduced to me by the students of Heidelberg – I’ll forever be grateful. It’s a great method to brush up on your lie…

Croatia – Istria

In Photography, Travel

Home to pebble beaches, not sandy beaches. I found that weird. I was privileged enough to travel to the Istrian region of Croatia where we…

Heidelberg, Germany

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First day in Heidelberg, okay. Let’s go see what this place can do. We found ourselves in this small student rock shop filled with misty…

Venice – Italy

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    City on stilettos The most romantic city in the world’ as they advertise it, is built on tree trucks. 80% of this “The…

Munich Oktoberfest 2014

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I have walked that long road to copious amounts of Weizen beer. I have tried not to waiver from my course; I have made missteps…