About me

Now look what you did! You’ve pressed a button that now forces me to introduce myself. Okay fine, fine. Must you go on like this!

Hello and welcome to my brain. (Please note, I can and will not be held responsible for your wondering off around here. Follow the signs, stay on the path and you should come out relatively intact on the other side (Or so voices tell me). Some nice old lady at WordPress sold me this space to store my collection of brain farts that you fine folks now have the privilege of viewing. Here, you’ll find how I see this thing called life through my lens, a few words of ‘je ne sais quoi’ (I had a year of French at varsity, but the blond lady in front kept distracting me, so this is all I could remember), and some communication work that pays the bills.

I have yet to figure out a lot of things, but I think if you’ll sit back, fasten the straitjacket and promise not to call the cops, then I think we might just have a shot at this thing called life. Enjoy.



  1. Smile, you are defnitely just what we need now adays, cant wait to read more!!

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